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AMPEL BioSolutions is the leading biomedical research think tank that creatively addresses clinical development bottlenecks and R&D roadblocks. AMPEL interrogates, analyzes, synthesizes & interprets the world’s biomedical knowledge to provide novel solutions for clinical research questions.

  • Resourceful and dedicated, AMPEL is composed of leading experts in autoimmunity, immunogenicity, inflammation and clinical immunology with extensive research and medical experience to address and resolve obstacles.
  • AMPEL assists nonprofit organizations, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research groups, and others in basic research, translational medicine, preclinical research, drug development and repositioning, and biomarker identification.


UVA Student and AMPEL Intern 1 of 10 Finalists for Prestigious Science Innovation Award

Posted: Aug 02, 2018 6:23 PM EDTUpdated: Aug 03, 2018 1:02 AM EDT Edited by Emmy Freedman CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR)…

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Lupus and Krill Oil? New trial looks to these tiny crustaceans for help

AMPEL BioSolutions is starting a clinical trial that looks at an alternative therapy for lupus, Krill Oil. Studies…

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Local biomedical company battling lupus on many fronts

Charlottesville Tomorrow  - June 3, 2018 A Charlottesville company is helping to lead a global scientific effort to…

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