Founded by Dr. Peter E. Lipsky and Dr. Amrie C. Grammer in 2013, AMPEL BioSolutions is a biomedical research consultation firm specializing in translational and personalized medicine including drug and target identification, protocol design and management, biomarker identification, and bioinformatic analysis. Dr. Lipsky and Dr. Grammer have over 20 years of collaborative experience in basic research, clinical research, and medicine as well as extensive experience in risk reduction in pharmaceutical development. Possessing a global understanding of the biomedical field as well as a commitment to precision, AMPEL is an intellectual resource for nonprofit organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and clinical research organizations in need of rapid and specific solutions to biomedical challenges.

AMPEL BioSolutions is the leading biomedical research think tank that creatively addresses clinical development bottlenecks and R&D roadblocks. AMPEL interrogates, analyzes, synthesizes & interprets the world’s biomedical knowledge to provide novel solutions for clinical research questions. Resourceful and dedicated, AMPEL is composed of leading experts in autoimmunity, immunogenicity, inflammation and clinical immunology with extensive research and medical experience to address and resolve obstacles. AMPEL assists nonprofit organizations, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research groups, and others in basic research, translational medicine, preclinical research, drug development and repositioning, and biomarker identification.