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AMPEL BioSolutions was founded to bring personalized precision medicine to patients with diseases involving the immune system and inflammation.  In 2022, AMPEL expects to commercialize it’s first product, a CLIA-certified blood test for patients/physicians called LuGENE® that assesses disease state/flares and best drug option(s).  AMPEL’s technology covers >95% of all known genes and is disease agnostic so there is capacity to expand reporting of results into new disease indications without developing a new test.  AMPEL’s exclusive curated database of >10,000 Lupus patient gene expression profiles with rich clinical information is the world’s largest and fuels machine learning predictions based on evidence.  AMPEL’s current customers are Pharma/Biotech for design/management Lupus clinical trials and patient stratification using its proprietary genomic platform, bioinformatic tools and ML/AI algorithms.

AMPEL’s co-founders, Amrie Grammer and Peter Lipsky, are internationally recognized scientists and successful entrepreneurs, having founded and managed AMPEL to profitability consistently for 5+ years.  Their success has been a combination of world-class science with business acumen.  Dr. Grammer was elected to the class of 2021 of SIBF (Society of International Business Fellows), an organization of 1400 in 45 countries world-wide and was awarded a Virginia SBIG grant from AMPEL’s first investment round.  She is a second term board member of Virginia Bio.

Before co-founding AMPEL in 2013, Dr. Lipsky was the Director of the Intramural Research Program and the Autoimmunity Branch of NIAMS at the NIH.  Peter’s career has been distinguished by multiple scientific awards including the Carol Nachman Prize, the American College of Rheumatology Distinguished Investigator Award and the Arthritis Foundation’s prestigious Lee Howley prize.  Dr. Grammer has over 20+ years experience in genomics and managed a highly productive NIH laboratory before co-founding AMPEL.  Dr. Grammer received multiple awards for her team’s work comparing genes expressed in patients compared with healthy individuals, including the prestigious Director’s Award and mentoring awards from the American Association of Immunologists.  AMPEL’s work has been featured at the Precision Medicine World Conference and at the Biotech Showcase of JP Morgan.


Virginia Based AMPEL BioSolutions’ Machine Learning Breakthrough Predicts Drug Options for Inflammatory Skin Diseases

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Amrie Grammer Speaks At 7th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Forum

Amrie Grammer Speaks at 7th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Forum

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LuGENE®️ Blood Test Expected To Launch In 2022

LuGENE®️ Blood Test Expected to Launch in 2022

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