A Sister’s Story: New Hope in Her Twin’s Cruel Struggle With Lupus

AMPEL Biosolutions was recently mentioned in an article written by Kirsten (Gee) Maeda, co-founder of The GEE Twins for Lupus.

“A group of researchers at a small company called AMPEL Biosolutions in Charlottesville recently developed technology that gives researchers unprecedented ability to monitor patients almost around the clock and collect data virtually in real time. Much like a Fitbit, Lupus patients can wear a device and use an app to monitor and record their symptoms and activity level. Because patients often feel good one day and lousy the next, one-size-fits-all treatments do not work. This clinical trial is under way and shows great promise.”

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AMPEL BioSolutions and ArcheMedX Form Partnership

AMPEL BioSolutions, a leading translational medicine and clinical operations company and ArcheMedX, a digital platform for effective online health care education and training programs, today announced a new collaboration to transform clinical trial recruitment and retention by enabling research sites to more effectively educate and continually engage clinical staff and patients.

The partnership will address the challenges with patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials by developing a new model for improving communication and education across study sites. By combining AMPEL’s extensive clinical expertise with the award-winning ArcheMedX e-learning and analytics platform, AMPEL and ArcheMedX will ensure that principal investigators, trial coordinators, clinical staff, and patients are well informed and continually engaged throughout the trial.

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Virginia Bio Welcomes New Members to its Board of Directors

Virginia Bio, the premier statewide non-profit association representing the life science industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia, has elected five new members to their Board of Directors for a term of three years. The election took place on December 8, 2016 at the Virginia Bio Annual Membership meeting in Richmond, Virginia.

The newly elected directors are: Rony Thomas, President & CEO, LifeNet Health; Thomas Frantz, Chairman Emeritus, Williams Mullen; Julie Idelkope, Vice President, US Government Relations, Pfizer; Amrie Grammer, COO & CSO, AMPEL BioSolutions; Ross Dunlap, President & CEO, Ceres Nanosciences; and Mickey Kim, Director, Biotech Partnering & Strategy, MedImmune.

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