Precision Care

Powered by research and analytics, genomic testing provides timely decision support

Using RNA Analytics, Bioinformatics, and Machine Learning/AI

AMPEL Genomic Platform (AGP®) and
genomic blood or biopsy tests for patients:

Evaluate disease status

Identify molecular pathways

Predict drug options

Precise Clinical Care Solutions

AMPEL Genomic Platform (AGP®), Bioinformatic Tools and Machine Learning Algorithms (AI/ML)

Step 1:

Create A Genomic Fingerprint

Comprehensive RNA analytics of gene expression from blood or biopsy to determine disease activity, molecular pathways and drug options.

Step 2:

Analyze The Fingerprint With ML/AI

Covers >95% of all known genes and is disease agnostic.

Step 3:

Provide Decision Making Support

Identification of patient’s immune status, provides decision support for most appropriate treatment options.

Step 4:

Market ready and Reproducible

First-in-class CLIA-certified gene-based Lab Developed Test (LDT).

Key Stats

Lead product LuGENE® expected Q2 2023. DermaGENE® expected Q1 2024.

Products for other indications available for partnering.

coverage of all known genes and is disease agnostic

autoimmune and normal patient gene expression profiles with rich clinical information – world’s largest for Lupus

technology patents filed & pending with the freedom to operate

pharma customers validate the technology

additional autoimmunity products in development

Featured News

About the Founders

AMPEL’s co-founders, Amrie Grammer and Peter Lipsky, are internationally recognized scientists and successful entrepreneurs. Their success has been a combination of world-class science with business acumen. Dr. Grammer was elected to the class of 2021 of SIBF (Society of International Business Fellows), an organization of 1400 in 45 countries world-wide and was awarded a Virginia SBIG grant from AMPEL’s first investment round. She is a third term board member of Virginia Bio. In 2022, AMPEL was elected to the Coalition for 21st Century Precision Medicine. And in 2023, AMPEL was ranked by Nature in the top Precision Medicine Companies with respect to the impact of published science. View Executive Team.

Precision Medicine

Powered by research and analytics, we use genomic data to reduce uncertainty from clinical care.

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