Precision Care

Powered by research and analytics, we use genomic data to provide timely decision support

Using RNA Analytics, Bioinformatics, and Machine Learning/AI

AMPEL Genomic Platform (AGP®) and
clinical genomic blood tests for patients:

Evaluate disease status

Identify molecular pathways

Predict drug options

Precise Patient Solutions

AMPEL Genomic Platform (AGP®), Bioinformatic Tools and Machine Learning Algorithms (AI/ML)

Step 1:

Create A Genomic Fingerprint

Comprehensive RNA analytics of gene expression from blood or biopsy to determine disease activity, molecular pathways and drug options.

Step 2:

Analyze The Fingerprint With ML/AI

Covers >95% of all known genes and is disease agnostic.

Step 3:

Provide Decision Making Support

Status of a patient’s disease and most appropriate treatment options at the time of the test are provided in a report.

Step 4:

Market ready and Reproducible

First-in-class CLIA-certified gene-based Lab Developed Test (LDT).

Key Stats

Lead product LuGENE® expected Q4 2022. DermaGENE® expected Q4 2023.

Products for other indications available for partnering.

coverage of all known genes and is disease agnostic

autoimmune and normal patient gene expression profiles with rich clinical information – world’s largest for Lupus

technology patents filed & pending with the freedom to operate

pharma customers validate the technology

additional autoimmunity products in development

About the Founders

AMPEL’s co-founders, Amrie Grammer and Peter Lipsky, are internationally recognized scientists and successful entrepreneurs, having founded and managed AMPEL to profitability consistently for 5+ years. Their success has been a combination of world-class science with business acumen. Dr. Grammer was elected to the class of 2021 of SIBF (Society of International Business Fellows), an organization of 1400 in 45 countries world-wide and was awarded a Virginia SBIG grant from AMPEL’s first investment round. She is a second term board member of Virginia Bio. View Executive Team.

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Precision Medicine

Powered by research and analytics, we use genomic data to improve healthcare for patients

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