AMPEL’s Genomic Platform (AGP®)

AMPEL’s Genomic Platform (AGP®) consists of bioinformatic tools, RNA analytics, and machine learning algorithms (AI/ML), which analyze gene expression

Technology & Advantages

The AGP® evaluates disease status, identifies molecular pathways, and predicts drug options

Suite of Tools

AMPEL’s genomic platform (AGP®) powers precision medicine by hosting a suite of proprietary tools to identify, analyze, predict and prioritize targets for drug development from microarray or RNAseq experiments regardless of disease.

Existing Database

AGP® is powered by a database containing genomic information from 20,000+ autoimmune patients including clinical information (more autoimmune and inflammatory diseases coming soon) and 5,000+ healthy individuals.

AI/ML Tools

Unique AI and ML tools all organized into specific pipelines allowing rapid, efficient and accurate analysis.

From RNA To Comprehensive Insight

Combining Analytics and Machine Learning to Understand Individual Disease Mechanisms and Endotypes.

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The  AMPEL Genomic Platform (AGP®)  Enables Personalized Precision Care.

Tests of autoantibodies and complement.

Identify disease status & drug options precisely.

AMPEL Precision Medicine Tests

How do they work?

Individuals have a unique profile of expressed genes (RNA). “Genomic Fingerprint” that reveals status of inflammation and immune system by “Molecular Endotyping.”

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See what AGP® does for:

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