Executive Team

AMPEL’s leadership team is made up of internationally recognized scientists and successful entrepreneurs. Their success has been a combination of world-class science with business acumen.

This award-winning team each has over 20+ years experience in genomics and business, and they have successfully managed AMPEL to profitability consistently for years.

Dr. Amrie Grammer

Dr. Amrie Grammer LinkedIn

Founder, President and
Chief Scientific Officer

  • Internationally recognized scientist and entrepreneur
  • Managed AMPEL from 2013-present with $20M+ in revenue from 15+ Pharma
  • Society of International Business Fellows
  • NIH Director’s Award Recipient for Immunology and Genomics Lab
  • Mentoring Awards from Sigma Xi and American Associations of Immunologists (AAI)
  • >125 Publications
Dr. Peter Lipsky

Dr. Peter Lipsky LinkedIn

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

  • World renowned Physician- Scientist (Immunology, Genomics, Rheumatology)
  • Scientific Director NIAMS at the NIH ($50M+ program budget with 150 scientists and executive experience)
  • 35+ years Pharma relationships, incl. designing & executing clinical trials
  • Established Lupus Clinical Investigator Network of 50+ KOLs for AMPEL clinical trials
  • Scientific Awards (AAI, American College of Rheumatology, Arthritis Foundation, EULAR)
  • > 850 Publications
Neil Lyons, CPA

Neil Lyons, CPA LinkedIn

Chief Financial Officer

  • 15+ years, CFO Life Science companies
  • Public and private companies
  • Capital raising experience, $160M+ debt and equity capital raised to date
  • 25+ years executive administrative experience
Dr. William Ricketts

Dr. William Ricketts LinkedIn

VP, Precision Medicine

  • 20+ yrs Diagnostic Product Dev
  • 5 years in Drug Development
  • 15+ years in Reimbursements
  • Commercialized nine molecular tests
  • Experienced in CLIA and FDA regulation of molecular testing
  • Co-Founder and CSO for several start-up & early-stage companies

Dr. Melissa McIIraith

Dr. Melissa McIIraith LinkedIn

VP, Medical Affairs

  • 20+ Years Medical Affairs Marketing (pre-launch, launch, post-launch)
  • Global Executive Director Experience for multiple Pharma in Rheumatology
  • Strategy & Execution launch strategies for Rheumatology products focused on medical education of physicians & patients

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