From Genomic Tests to AI Predictions: Dr. Amrie Grammer, Co-Founder of AMPEL BioSolutions, Joins BioTalk

May 22, 2023 | News, Company


Can you envision a world where precision medicine transforms healthcare as we know it? Tune in to this exciting episode of BioTalk with Rich Bendis, featuring Dr. Amrie Grammer, Co-Founder of AMPEL BioSolutions. In this enlightening discussion, Dr. Grammer unveils the secrets behind AMPEL’s remarkable success in precision medicine, making this episode a must-listen. Learn about the groundbreaking genomic tests developed by AMPEL, providing decision support for autoimmune diseases, and delve into the role of artificial intelligence in predicting potential treatments.

Explore the immense potential for a revolution in healthcare as Dr. Grammer shares insights on understanding the human genome and AMPEL’s cutting-edge work in harnessing Big Data and Machine Learning for personalized precision medicine. Don’t miss this great episode and gain valuable insights into the future of data-driven health.

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Dr. Amrie Grammer is an internationally recognized scientist and a successful entrepreneur. She co-founded AMPEL to bring personalized precision medicine to patients with autoimmune & inflammatory diseases. Amrie’s approach has been a combination of world-class science with business acumen. Recently she has been recognized by the CBIC (Charlottesville Innovation Council) as a finalist for entrepreneur-of-the-year 2023, membership in the Laguna CEO Forum, and election to the Society of International Business Fellows. Amrie has over 25+ years experience in genomics and is a recognized Immunologist with >125 publications. Before co-founding AMPEL in 2013, she managed a highly productive NIH laboratory and received multiple NIH awards for her team’s work, including the prestigious Director’s Award.

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