Genomic tests help doctors treat COVID-19 and long COVID

Sep 26, 2022 | COVID, News, Products


By Dominga Murray

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – With many COVID-19 treatments now available, a simple blood test can show doctors the best route to take.
Charlottesville’s AMPEL BioSolutions says it can predict and detect the severity of a COVID-19 infection, as well as how to help a patient through its new genomic test called CovGENE.

Knowing which patients are at a higher COVID risk helps doctors with early intervention.

UVA Pulmonologist Doctor Alexandra Kadl is one of the researchers involved in the project.

“Patients will need to be closely monitored, but in response to the test we can intensify medication use. As you know, in the last couple of years several medications have become available for COVID patients, so those could be given to the patients who would probably benefit the most,” Dr. Kadl said.

Fibrosis, persistent lung scarring, and brain fog are all possible long-term symptoms of a severe COVID infection, and AMPEL Biosolutions says its new test can predict long COVID in its patients with the CovGENE test.

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