New Blood Test Poised to Revolutionize Care for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Mar 28, 2024 | News, Lupus, Lupus 2022, Products


AMPEL BioSolutions announced the launch of LuGENE®, an exciting breakthrough innovation in systematic lupus erythematosus (SLE) care. LuGENE® is a new blood test designed to predict SLE flares before they happen and provide specific information about each individual’s disease abnormalities, leading to faster, evidence-based treatment.

Using predictive artificial intelligence, or “AI”, the test allows physicians to detect genetic biomarkers  in the blood that can lead to flares caused by inflammation or immune system dysfunction. Flares are often characterized by life-affecting, sometimes painful symptoms that can typically be prevented or minimized with the right medication.

SLE is a complex disease, historically making it difficult to predict flares and stabilize the condition. There are eight different subsets of lupus, meaning the disease presents differently from one person to the next, and, until now, SLE treatment has largely been a trial-and-error endeavor. For some, it can take years before a physician determines the most effect therapeutic approach to address their individual symptoms. With the LuGENE® test, however, doctors will now be able to pinpoint which lupus subset(s) an individual may belong to, helping them quickly identify the most effective treatment regimen for an individual and reduce the risk of unexpected disease flares.

Managing and preventing flares is a challenge for the community. A Lupus Foundation of America survey found that 55% of people with lupus reported complete or partial loss of income due to lupus complications. With the new LuGENE® blood test, physicians finally have a tool to help them predict these issues before they start and support a better quality of life for the people under their care.

The LuGENE® lab test is now available at study sites across the US to help researchers compare and contrast data obtained with the LuGENE Blood Test vs. Standard Laboratory Feature of people with lupus. Continue to follow the Lupus Foundation of America for more updates on the latest lupus research news.

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