New Era of Precision

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Personalized Precision Care

AMPEL is committed to commercializing products to improve clinical care for patients and leveraging its AMPEL Genomic Platform (AGP®) into other disease areas.

Support Management of Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

Provides insights into state of disease

Predicts abnormal drug targets

Improves clinical outcomes and reduces healthcare costs

Patient-Centric 1st Product for Lupus

LuGENE® Manage

LuPRO® App

Medically validated mobile app that collects ePRO data informs the patient/doctor of their disease status & suggests the need for a medication change, leading to a LuGENE® blood test.

LuGENE® Blood Test

Evaluates a patient’s genomics to understand where they are in their disease progression. With this information, it can identify a needed medication change.

Product Pipeline

Our products are powered by
AMPEL Genomic Platform (AGP®)

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