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Personalized Precision Care

AMPEL is committed to commercializing products to improve clinical care for patients and leveraging its AMPEL Genomic Platform (AGP®) into other disease areas.

Support Management of Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases

Provides insights into state of disease

Predicts drug options (right drug for the right patient at the right time)

Improves clinical outcomes and reduces healthcare costs

Patient-Centric 1st Product for Lupus

LuGENE® Manage

LuPRO® App

Medically validated mobile app that collects ePRO data informs the patient/doctor of their disease status & suggests the need for a medication change, leading to a LuGENE® blood test.

LuGENE® Blood Test

Evaluates a patient’s genomics to understand where they are in their disease progression. With this information, it can identify a needed medication change.

Product Pipeline

Our products are powered by
AMPEL Genomic Platform (AGP®)

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