Strategic Partnerships

AMPEL’s Genomic Platform (AGP) consists of RNA bioinformatic tools, AMPEL analytics, and machine learning (AI/ML) which analyze gene expression.

The AGP® evaluates disease status, identifies molecular pathways and predicts drug options.

Partnering Options

Ways to engage:

Drug Development:
Pharma Partnering

Product Development:
Clinical Care

Drug Development: Pharma Partnering

Decision Support for Disease Status, Molecular Pathways & Drug Options

Pre Clinical
(Target Optimization)

Phase 1
Clinical Trials

Phase 2-3
Clinical Trials

Marketed products

Mouse-Human gene expression
  • Translation support on target activation and molecular pathway
  • Mouse-Human gene expression
  • Analyze RNA to predict what pathway(s) are being affected by the screened compounds
  • Pharmacodynamics and early proof of concept
  • Normals for PD & look for signals
  • Observe corrections of subtle abnormalities with drug
RNA analytics

Proprietary automated RNA analytics

  • Screen candidates for clinical trial enrollment
  • Disease agnostic and 7-10 day turnaround
  • Improve odds of clinical trial success
Complementary Biomarker
  • Complementary Biomarker
  • Patient selection for drug options

Who We Work With

Client Logos

AMPEL seeks relationships with Pharmaceutical and Precision medicine companies:

• Co-Develop RNA analytic tests in desired disease areas
• License with field of use for specific conditions
• Use of AGP®, Bioinformatic tools and ML/AI Algorithms

Product Development: Clinical Care

Decision Support for Disease Status, Molecular Pathways & Drug Options

Clinical Care Site

(CLIA Certified)

AMPEL Biosolutions


Blood Draw
  • Simple blood draw or tissue biopsy in PAXGene® Tube or equivalent
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Data uploaded to AMPEL Genomic Platform® on HIPAA compliant Google Cloud

Proprietary automated RNA analytics

  • Bioinformatic tools & machine learning algorithms
  • Proprietary gene expression database (20K+)
  • Interface with EMR
  • Report to Clinical Care Site
  • Billing and Collection

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