This New Blood Test For Fibromyalgia Could Identify Your Best Treatment Options

Mar 17, 2023 | Fibromyalgia, News, Products

By Emily Koczur


According to Pain News Network, a new blood test for Fibromyalgia is in the works.

This new test has the potential to pinpoint which medication is best for Fibro patients based on their genes.

That could mean no more medication trial and error. Or a lot less of it, at least. And that means no more enduring horrible side effects from medications that aren’t even improving your symptoms. Most importantly, this new test could mean a less painful, higher quality of life.

So what is this new blood test for Fibromyalgia, and can you get it now?

Is there a new blood test for Fibromyalgia?

Medical company Ampel BioSolutions is creating a new blood test for Fibromyalgia based on genetic profiling called FibroGENE.

It’s expected to be available in 2024-2025.

What is the FibroGENE blood test?

The FibroGENE blood test aims to do 3 things for doctors and patients, using the patient’s genetics:

  1. give insight into the current state of an autoimmune or inflammatory disease
  2. help predict which drug treatments would work best
  3. prevent damage and pain and provide better outcomes

Sounds promising…so how does that happen?

The company uses RNA analytics, bioinformatics, and machine learning artificial intelligence to analyze a person’s genetic profile, or “Genomic Fingerprint.”

Another point to note is that Ampel’s technology characterizes more than 95% of all gene types.

Furthermore, it isn’t limited to assessing Fibromyalgia – though you’ll have to take other tests (via blood test or biopsy).

How can the FibroGENE test help me?

The main goal of the FibroGENE blood test is to identify the best medication to treat an individual’s Fibromyalgia. This would result in more personalized treatment and a less one-size-fits-all approach.

What works for your best friend’s cousin with Fibromyalgia may not work for you.

Ampel’s website also states that the blood test will be able to assess the “disease state/flares” of Fibromyalgia.

Interesting! Because flares are so unique, and Fibromyalgia isn’t a progressive disease.

I wonder how they’ll categorize that. What do you think?

Does the FibroGENE test diagnose Fibromyalgia?

It’s possible the FibroGENE blood test can diagnose Fibromyalgia. 

But it’s still in development, so time will tell.

What blood test checks for Fibromyalgia?

Today, many doctors use the FM/a blood test to give questioning patients a definitive diagnosis (and relief and terror – remember what hearing that diagnosis felt like?). 

And before the FM/a blood test, a painful tender point examination was the go-to.

What other autoimmune and inflammatory disease tests are available?

Ampel’s first product launch is for Lupus, called the LuGENE blood test. However, more tests for other autoimmune and inflammatory conditions are in the company’s product pipeline.

If you check out their product pipeline page, they have several other blood and biopsy tests in the works:

  1. WellGENE – blood test for general health management
  2. NeuroGENE – blood test for multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and autism
  3. CovGENE – blood test for covid-19
  4. CardioGENE – blood test for systemic lupus erythematosus and coronary artery disease
  5. NephroGENE – kidney biopsy for lupus nephritis and IgA nephropathy
  6. ArthroGENE – tissue biopsy for arthritis

So if you have comorbid conditions – as many people with Fibromyalgia do – you could have more relief in the future via these tests.

Is the FibroGENE test available?

The FibroGENE test has yet to be made available. However, Ampel BioSolutions is expecting to commercially roll the blood test out as early as 2024.

But here is some good news if you have a comorbid condition. If you have Lupus in addition to Fibro, you can get that bloodwork done soon. Ampel’s LuGENE blood test is expected to launch in April 2023.

Following that is a biopsy for skin conditions such as Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis, which should be ready for patients come January 2024.

Your takeaway

The FibroGENE blood test by Ampel BioSolutions is a new blood test for Fibromyalgia that aims to identify the best treatment options based on a person’s genes.

It may also be able to diagnose Fibro and provide doctors more insight into your flares and symptoms.

Unfortunately, the test isn’t expected to be commercially available until 2024, so keep fighting the good fight until then. But it’s something to look forward to, at least.

I haven’t taken medicine in almost 10 years and am curious to see my “results.”

So now I turn to you – how do you feel about this new blood test for Fibromyalgia? Would you take it even if you haven’t taken medicine for your Fibro for months, years, or even decades?


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