AMPEL BioSolutions Highlights Audrey Ogendi’s Participation in Virginia Bio Life Science Workforce Summit

AMPEL BioSolutions had the privilege of being a part of Virginia’s first Life Sciences Workforce Summit which was held in Richmond on June 21, 2018. The event, sponsored by Virginia BIO, was held at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and was attended by about 125 representatives from academia, business and economic development organizations. Nearly every university, four-year college and community college in the Commonwealth attended the meeting, as well as all of the major life science businesses and several smaller ones.

AMPEL was represented by Audrey Ogendi, Clinical Operations Associate, who presented on a panel of young professionals who spoke about their experiences entering the work force and how well they felt they were prepared.

AMPEL Co-Founder and COO, Amrie Grammer said, “AMPEL promotes a culture that places great value on the talent development of all of our employees and Audrey is a great example of how dedication to continuing education can lead into a successful career in the life sciences industry. We were pleased to have her participate in the Virginia Bio Life Science Workforce Summit as a strong representative for AMPEL and our culture of promoting continuing education and workforce development.”

Audrey, who was recently admitted into Michigan State School of Medicine, is a Gates Millennium Scholar and a 2017 Masters in Public Health graduate of the University of Virginia, where she also received her 2015 BA in Women, Gender, and Sexuality.  She is proficient in Swahili, Spanish and Kisii.  During her undergraduate years, Audrey did independent research with Dr. Linda Columbus following the kinetics of thermophilic organisms and characterizing their coupling enzymes.  Additionally, she received funding from the Jefferson Center for Global Health for her plan to travel to Limpopo, South Africa to develop an early childhood development program with culturally accepted assessment tools.  She presented her results at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health in 2015.  Audrey is proficient in Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) and joined AMPEL in 2017 to assist with the creation of an online learning tool to teach lupus patients and the clinicians that care for them about the details of small, proof-of-concept clinical trials testing the efficacy of drugs repositioned for lupus.

UVA Student and AMPEL Intern 1 of 10 Finalists for Prestigious Science Innovation Award

Posted: Aug 02, 2018 6:23 PM EDTUpdated: Aug 03, 2018 1:02 AM EDT

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A University of Virginia student is up for a prestigious international science innovation award.

She’s one of only 10 in the country that’s in the running for this honor.

Madison Smither, a rising second year, started Students to Scientists in her hometown, where she mentored young girls interested in the STEM field.

She balanced all of this while doing cancer research, and then brought both of those interests to UVA.

Smither is now nominated for the 2018 Nature Research Innovating Science Award.

It celebrates the achievements of women in science and those who encourage others to get involved in STEM.

“It’s not about your background,” says Smither. “It’s not about where you’re from. It’s not about how many resources you have. It’s just really about the problem that you’re trying to solve and really just getting excited about discovery and science.”

In September, Smither will find out if she makes the final five.

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Lupus and Krill Oil? New trial looks to these tiny crustaceans for help

AMPEL BioSolutions is starting a clinical trial that looks at an alternative therapy for lupus, Krill Oil. Studies have shown that patients with lupus tend to be deficient in omega-3. This study looks to see if krill oil can raise omega 3 levels and see if there is an improvement in patients disease.

To learn more about this exciting new study please click the link to a video.




Local biomedical company battling lupus on many fronts

Charlottesville Tomorrow  – June 3, 2018

A Charlottesville company is helping to lead a global scientific effort to better understand and treat lupus, an autoimmune disease sometimes called “the cruel mystery.”

AMPEL Bio Solutions, a biomedical research consultation firm, is involved in multiple clinical trials of new drugs and treatments for lupus. The company hopes to use data from the human genome to develop personalized treatment plans for patients.

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NBC 29: New Drug Trail Aims to Help Collect Data to Treat Lupus Patients

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – Aired June 2, 2018

A new clinical drug trial in Charlottesville wants to help those struggling with lupus by using a cellphone and a watch to collect data for a more successful treatment.

A majority of the time, if you go to the doctor’s office, you’ll find yourself being asked some sort of question about your symptoms.

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